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Founded by Emily Skinner, Evan James Design create exceptionally well designed and crafted surface coverings and interior products to enrich the experience of our surroundings, providing interaction and response after installation. During a research trip to Sweden in 2006 Emily was inspired and captivated by the new Smart Textile Technologies which were being explored and developed. The ambition of capitalising on the trend of User Experience for a more circular economy, combining form with function, has been an undercurrent within her working practice since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL in 2008.

'Design is continually evolving, we are forever seeking the latest innovation. If I can try to design to anticipate change in a product that encapsulates exquisite craftmanship and material narrative fused with technology; then I will have succeeded in materialising my ambitions.’


The Studio

The studio offers award winning sustainable modular surface solutions that has drawn the attention of a wide range of private residential and commercial clients as behind counter and front of counter applications.

For these clients, we offer a thorough and detailed design and consultation phase, ear-marking all the possibilities available within the required space to meet the desired aesthetic requirements. Comprehensive designs are envisioned in a VR format. Once satisfied, Evan James Design undertake the fabrication and installation of its products to site.

With an installation team working internationally, Evan James Design is able to leverage its global reach and combine this with its focus on quality skilled craftsmanship, resulting in reliable solutions. As part of this focus, the firm’s production process combines precision in house rendering and outsourced fabrication, all within the UK for ease of communication and stringent quality control.



Designing for a circular economy is the ethos underpinning all that Evan James Design creates. Not only do we use FSC certified timber, environmentally friendly render, reclaimed packaging and minimise shipping during production; we aim to utilise as much of our waste as possible from the manufacturing process to create limited edition interior accessories (coming in 2020), and provide other designers in the circular community with materials.

Importantly, to facilitate the alteration or change of an Evan James Design surface in the future we offer a post installation maintenance, interactive design and final disposal service to our clients.


Collaborative Approach

Increasingly, we are faced with turbulent social and environmental pressures. To facilitate Evan James Designs mission to utilise creativity as an agent for innovation and transformation, the studio actively seeks collaboration in offering compelling propositions for a more sustainable future. These new collections will be launched from the beginning of 2020. If you would like to collaboratively work with us, get in touch here