Founded by Emily Skinner, Evan James Design seeks not only to create beautifully designed and constructed interior products but also to provide interaction and response. During a research trip to Sweden in 2006 Emily was inspired and captivated by the new Smart Textile Technologies which were being explored and developed. The ambition of utilising these innovative technologies for a more circular economy has been an undercurrent within her working practice since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL in 2008.

'Design is continually evolving, we are forever seeking the latest innovation. If I can try to design to incorporate these changes and desires in a product then I will have succeeded in materialising my ambitions.'

Proudly Handmade in the UK

All of our textile products are handmade in the Pembrokeshire studio. Elements of the paper products are outsourced to small scale independent traditional manufacturers and crafts people either locally or within the UK.

By adopting these methods of production Evan James Design is able to support a sustainable working method within the UK and generate close working relationships with highly skilled expert crafts people; ensuring the highest quality for our customers.