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Applicate Collection

Not only do we challenge whether a wall has to be flat, but do they also have to permanently stay the same? Applicate, the original modular surface system intrinsic to Evan James Design, fosters endless possibilities of pattern, colour and texture, which are not fixed upon installation; instead the design can be changed after installation in response to the demands and desires of the setting.

The entirely bespoke and adaptive ‘one of its kind’ surface is created in Birch Ply with an extensive range of wood veneers, metallic foils and a colour matching service to design from. Precision engineering ensures that the curvature of each module accommodates high levels of resilience, excellent acoustic properties and ease of maintenance. Additional materials can be added to the surface structure with minimal cost to enhance the acoustic properties from purely deflection, to deflection and absorption with no visual consequence to the aesthetic.

The video below documents the surface structure and interactive properties of Applicate 0.

Video: Miranda Evans / Music: Little Glass Men 'Your Pulse’ edited from https://freemusicarchive.or/music/Little_Glass_Men / Location: Pembrokshire, UK


Applicate 0.

Applicate 0. perfectly demonstrates the natural luxurious elegance of Birch Ply. The original fabrication in its simplest beauty, where every pre-laser cut hole is filled with an impeccably crafted straight cut ‘shape’. Emulating a woven structure, light dances across the undulating surface adding depth and interest to the seamless fabrication. The creation of pattern is entirely at the customer’s disposal through interacting with the surface by removing and re-positioning the configuration of shapes or with the addition of a number of hand rendered shapes. The render options are solid tone, metallic or delicate washes of stain.

Applicate 0.5

Highlighting the natural grain of the wood, Applicate 0.5 is pure sophistication. Continuing in the Applicate 0. series, delicate washes of stain are mixed to your own colour specifications, before being applied by hand to each individual shape a defined number of times for each row. Thus creating the seamless graduated render without loosing the woods innate characteristics.

Applicate 1.

Applicate 1. embraces the extensive range of veneers available from sumptuous Walnut to serene Silver Birch and everything in between, combined with rendered and foiled curved shapes in a variety of configurations. The options do not end there, multiple layering of the surface structure provides a new aesthetic from every angle, offering pockets of the unexpected.

Applicate 2.

With the option of a two tone finish, the Applicate 2. collection offers glowing results. Different rendering finishes including phosphorescent or metallic coatings are applied to the underside of the shape and reflected off the backboard, creating an almost luminous quality to the undulating surface. The possibilities become limitless with a made to order, entirely personalised fabrication; narrow or curved shapes can be combined to create unique contours. These reversible shapes unlock a world of interactivity and customisation as you create your own reflective patterns and designs.